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Roberto Cavalli Paradiso was designed to enhance the joie de vivre.
An uplifting and stimulating fragrance, it radiates delight and happiness.
A resounding ode to sensuality and seduction, it encourages us to seize the moment and fully enjoy the pleasures of this earthly paradise.

The Roberto Cavalli Paradiso woman exudes charm, glee and brightness.
She is optimistic and has a sunny disposition. She makes the most of life and transforms every occasion into a precious opportunity to be savoured and treasured. She understands that style and glamour are, more than a posture, a true way of life.

I have a woman in mind when I design: she is a positive person, cheerful, joyful and confident, has glamour in her veins, is a master of her own destiny.
I love women who are independent, free and strong-willed.
A strong personality is the sexiest thing to me.

The artistic line of the Roberto Cavalli perfume bottle recalls the voluptuous curves of a sensual woman.
The solid glass base evokes the strength and the power of its character.
Crowned by a tiara-shaped cap formed by Roberto Cavalli's golden seal, the bottle is adorned with a tiger-print necklace reminiscent of its creator’s emblematic animal prints.

Pink peppercorn
green mandarin
Orange flower absolute
Fruity mirabelle
Tonka beans
Laos benzoin
A Shining Femininity
Color is life, joy, I can't think in black & white

Wearing Roberto Cavalli Exotica is a sensuous experience, a journey that unveils a new dimension of femininity. Authentic yet sophisticated, the Roberto Cavalli Exotica woman is fully in control of her charm. She knows how to capture the attention and fascinate everyone around her. Perfectly in sync with nature, she combines the delicate beauty of the exotic flower with the feral grace of the tiger.


Strong, sensual, sophisticated, the Roberto Cavalli woman is like no other. Glamour is in her veins, seduction in the smooth sheen of her skin, by turns concealed and revealed as she walks with feline grace, leaving admiring glances and a trail of fragrance in her wake...

Roberto Cavalli Acqua is inspired by the Mediterranean, where the turquoise sea meets the azure sky, its dazzling freshness illuminates those long summer days when her skin becomes tinged with the gold of the sun. Her slender figure is silhouetted on the horizon as she walks towards the sea, welcoming the warm embrace of its waves as if returning to her original element.

She savours these moments of lightness and serenity, just as she looks forward to the night ahead. Soon, she will slip from her sexy swimsuit into an airy chiffon gown, and revel in the sparkling facet of glamour...

of Valley
Absolute Glamour

A sensual and exclusive bottle,
An elegant and sophisticated scent,
A refined lesson in the art of seduction.

The night is still young, full of untold promises. In the velvet half-light of her room, she unveils a sinuous silhouette, baring the soft glow of her golden skin printed tiger gown. Her secret fragrance suddenly fills the air, adding to the incredible sensuality of this moment. Glamour, feminine, absolute.

Nero Assoluto is a decidedly uncompromising creation: absolute quality, absolute sensuality, absolute glamour. An artful contrast of boldness and elegance, it perfectly reflects Roberto Cavalli's values, his unique sense of style and audacity. It was especially designed for women who are not afraid to stand out and assert themselves.

Ebony Wood
A gorgeous tribute to Oud

Oud. Leather. Gold. The essence of luxury. The quintessence of Roberto Cavalli.

The encounter between Roberto Cavalli's luxurious universe and the precious oud wood was probably meant to be. The choice of this rare and sought-after material perfectly reflects the Italian designer's endless quest for glamour and sensuality.

Considered as the "gold standard" in Arabic perfumery, this powerful Middle-eastern note is a thrilling new territory to explore for Western perfumers. And an inspiration to reinvent the most aristocratic of fragrance families: leather.

In Oud Edition, rather than a straightforward rendition, it is this leather facet that Roberto Cavalli chooses to emphasize. Blending expensive raw materials to conjure the regal note, he associates it with two of the most precious, ancient perfumery ingredients, saffron and incense, to create a drop of liquid gold.

Oud Wood
Tiger Oud

Tiger Oud is based on a completely different arrangement of oud and rose. It combines the intensity and refinement of this exotic wood and the subtle charm of the queen of flowers. The choice of those exclusive components and the daring and smart design of the bottle are a token of opulence and nobility. As for the name of the fragrance, it was directly inspired by Roberto Cavalli's world-famous animal prints.

Wearing Tiger Oud is a statement of pride and uniqueness. It is a bold affirmation of one's commitment to the quest for perfection: perfect raw materials, perfect alchemy of scents, perfect balance between strength and voluptuousness.

Oud Wood
Tiger Oud

Oud is a unique scent. The last perfume of the Oud trilogy explores yet another facet of this exceptional ingredient: its slightly animal undertones.

Oud Al Qasr is a journey through some of the most refined scents of the Orient. This olfactory voyage begins in the Atlas Mountains with the majestic power of cedar. The oud accord that forms the heart note of the fragrance prolongs this woody opening but adds a warm and sensuous dimension, a sense of luxurious mystery.

The ambery base note comes from Labdanum which facetted with pure vanilla gives depth and opulence to this uncompromisingly rich elixir.

Wearing Oud al Qasr is a token of nobleness and refinement. It is the key to al Qasr, one’s inner fortress.

Oud Wood

An artful contrast of glitter and elegance, Nero Assoluto Exclusive Edition perfectly reflects Roberto Cavalli's sense of excess and audacity. The sparkling bottle is nothing short of breathtaking. Inspired by the harmonious curves of the feminine figure, this true work of art is spangled with a precious array of luminous Swarovski crystals. These 2.500 black and gold stones have been carefully handset to form a mesmerizing gown of light and darkness.

A unique case was designed to shelter this dazzling container. The stylish black coffret is embossed with Roberto Cavalli's monogram and hallmarked with a strip of golden Swarovski crystals, the ultimate touch of glamour and sophistication.

The Nero Assoluto fragrance opens with a bewitching orchid accord. The sensuality of this fragile but potent flower is prolonged and amplified by a resounding heart of black vanilla. A strong base note of ebony wood brings majesty to this intense and refined scent.

Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition blends the noblest perfumery ingredients. It opens with a sweet and luminous top note of saffron that gives way to the woody and animal tones of sensual oud wood - the gold standard in Arabic perfumery. The fragrance closes on a deep root note of incense that adds a subtle veil of mystery.

To shelter such a vibrant and addictive elixir, an ultra-luxurious flask was designed. The bottle and the crown-shaped stopper, featuring Roberto Cavalli's initials, were entirely covered with gold leaf by skilled craftsmen. Around the neck of this exquisite container, a mosaic made of 138 artfully cut extra-white diamonds and 121 black diamonds was set by a master jeweller in homage to Roberto Cavalli's emblematic animal patterns.

This unique treasure comes in a daring minaudière case conceived by the Italian designer himself. It is crafted from gold-plated brass printed with a croco effect. The eagle-shaped tassel asserts the flamboyant majesty of this most sophisticated Baroque piece.